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Cheers to 2018: My Resolutions!

Where does the time go? I can’t believe 2018 is already here, but I am so excited for a clean slate. Don’t get me wrong, 2017 was great but it’s like something happens when the clock strikes twelve. It’s like hitting a reset button and getting a new beginning. My resolutions this year are the same as most years; lose weight/tone up, eat better, and grow my business. But this year I have a different approach and different drives.

I’ve learned a lot in the last two years about the power of manifestation. If you put your goals into the universe and you believe, have gratitude, stay positive, and visualize the things you want, you will start seeing the results. I have personally benefitted from manifesting the life I want but sometimes lose my focus or get down on myself. So this year I am planning every aspect of my business, big to small. I’m putting all of my personal goals and dreams into writing, vision boards, and believing that this will truly be my best year ever. I’m all in. The new year brings the perfect reset into my life. It also doesn’t hurt that we leave for a week in Colorado in t-minus four days (not that I’m counting).

2017 was a busy year to say the least, and 2018 won’t be any less crazy. We travelled to Colorado for our annual ski trip, visited my best friends in NYC for a girl’s trip, two weddings in NY, engagement party in New Jersey, Vegas for MAGIC and to see my college roommate, London and Paris for 10 days, two weddings in the mountains of VA, a quick road trip to Raleigh to see my girl Ke$ha, and a spontaneous weekend in Seattle. Aside from traveling, TAILOR was involved in RVA Fashion week (Spring & Fall), written up in RVA Mag, River City Uprising, and Richmond Magazine, I started blogging, celebrated my second year in business, and my sister-in-law just recently got engaged!! 2017 was a whirlwind of family, friends, and travel.

So what are my resolutions for the new year?

Read more: I’ve always loved to read but I’m so busy that when I do have time to unwind I usually prefer a Netflix binge. My goal is to read one book a month.

Healthier lifestyle:

  • Eat better, for my blood type: My dad has been eating for his blood type for years after reading Eat Right for Your Type. I finally know my blood type and gave the book a go. I’m A positive, in short, my blood type does best with fresh foods, little to no meat, and without most dairy, etc. My goal is to eat better for my blood type and see how I feel and improve.
  • Drink more water:  When I stay hydrated, I always feel better. I want to make sure I stay on top of my water intake this year.
  • Less alcohol: As I get older I enjoy drinking less and less. I enjoy a glass of wine here and there but I’m learning I can do without the empty calories and wasted buzz.
  • Working out: I’ve always been terrible at staying active, I will go 3-4 months regularly at the gym and then 3 months off. My yo-yo dieting and working out have to stop and I need a lifestyle change. I stayed active through December so I’m hoping it will carry a strong lead into the new year.

Big dreams/goals for my business: I have big dreams for where I’d like my business to go, this is my year to make it happen. I’m going back to working part-time to dedicate more time to my business. I am taking a different approach in my business planning and hope it will bring success and help me stay on top of things, even when I’m feeling burnt out.

Grow our family: Don’t get too excited, but the “B” word has become a bigger part of our vocabulary lately. We’re not quite ready to grow our family just yet, but it plays a big role in motivating me to change my lifestyle when it comes to eating better and working out. It’s also a big business motivator for me.

Travel: Ready to see where 2018 takes me, literally. Starting off the year with a trip to Colorado, perhaps a trip to Italy, and excited to see what else pops up!

What’re your 2018 resolutions and how do you plan on making them stick?

Cheers to 2018, may you have a fabulous year!

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