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Would You Rent the Runway?

Why buy when you can rent? I’ve been using Rent the Runway for about four years now. I rent a dress for every formal occasion. Why? Because It’s like a dress graveyard in the back of my closet. I’m tired of buying a dress, wearing it once, and then dead filing it in my closet.

If you’re not familiar with Rent the Runway let me bring you up to speed. The New York Times puts it best, calling RTR “a Netflix model for Haute Couture.” You rent designer looks for a fraction of the retail cost.

There are a few ways to rent. RTR Reserve allows you to rent a single item (plus a back-up size) for an event/special occasion. The second option, which I’ve only recently decided to indulge in, is their membership. They recently rolled out two membership options: Update and Unlimited. Update allows you to keep four pieces a month, while Unlimited gets you unlimited rentals per month (four at a time). I tend to have enough events going on that I opted for the Unlimited membership.  The best part is that you can cancel at anytime, great for all of you commitment phobes (guilty!).

I just finished my first month using Unlimited and I plan on keeping my membership, for now. My thought is that if I’m constantly renting/rotating my wardrobe I will ultimately spend less on shopping. However, I’m still waiting to make sure they have enough styles to choose from to keep me happy.

RTR Unlimited Pros:

  • Always something new to wear
  • Makes it easy/affordable for events (formal or informal)
  • Purchase pieces at members-only discount prices
  • 20% discount on your first month when you sign up!
  • 25% off RTR: Reserve rentals
  • Keep your items as long as you want
  • Choose from top brands & designers
  • Dry cleaning, insurance, & shipping included!

RTR Unlimited Cons:

  • Expensive! I started just in the nick of time, it was $139/mo when I signed up and they recently changed the price to $159/mo. I do have a hard time justifying the price tag, but I’ll give it a few months and see if it does in fact cut down my need to shop. (Update is $89/mo)
  • Turn around time: It takes almost a full week from the time I drop my items at UPS before the next batch is delivered.
  • One size: with Unlimited you don’t get a back up size like you do with Reserve. I’ve been lucky so far that everything has fit me, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I get one that I can’t wear. Read the fit notes and reviews!
  • It’s only fueling my shopping addiction! Now, I find myself questioning if I should use my discounted price to keep some of these pieces.

If you’re considering trying Update or Unlimited give it a shot, with the discount on your first month it is worth trying out. You can pause or cancel at anytime, just return your items before your next draft and contact them to pause/cancel.

If the Unlimited membership is not for you I still highly recommend using RTR: Reserve for your next event. I always get compliments on my rentals, and it feels great to not have to worry about what to wear to a wedding, party, or event.

A few of my favorite pieces I’ve rented this month:

Top: Tory Burch Carina Embroidered Top from RTR (retail $495)

Skirt: Fame & Partners Polka Dot Midi Skirt from RTR (retail $199)

Bag: ZAC Zac Posen Pearl Lady Eartha Iconic Convertible Backpack from RTR (retail $550)

Vest: Greylin Black Plaid Moto Vest from RTR

Have you tried Rent the Runway? Leave your thoughts below!

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